At Nova Countertops, you can browse our selection of kitchen countertops, bathroom countertops, fireplaces and sinks and get smart advice from our design consultants. Whether you have a specific stone in mind or you’re just looking for some fresh inspiration, we’re ready to help you hand-select the perfect products for your kitchen or bath renovation.

Granite is a versatile and elegant stone that appears in both private residences and places of business. Granite countertops are known for their ability to resist scratches, chips, stains, and burns and are easy to maintain. Like any naturally occurring stone, no two slabs of granite are alike. Its range of textures and shades ensures you’ll find granite countertops that complement your decor beautifully.

Marble is quickly becoming a top choice for countertops and not just for its luxurious appearance. Although marble countertops fall within a higher price range, their durability is remarkable. In fact, when cared for properly, your marble countertops could last a century or more! Like granite, marble is resistant to cracks, scratches, chips, and breakage but can be damaged by extreme heat. Marble countertops can be fabricated in an exciting variety of hues and textures.


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